• Harvard College Green Medicine Initiative

    The Harvard College Green Medicine Initiative is a student-run organization that combines medicine, sustainability, and global health to promote greener healthcare practices in the US.

  • Why we care

    Here are just some of the reasons why we work hard to make green a reality.

    13.2 million

    pounds of waste produced by the healthcare industry each day (source)

    4 billion

    pounds of waste produced by the healthcare industry each year



    of a typical hospital's annual operating cost devoted to meeting energy needs (source)


    in annual energy costs saved by replacing traditional exit signs with energy-efficient LED signs in a typical large hospital (source)


    potential reduction of medical waste volume by reusing scrubs and jackets (source)

    $258 million

    in supply costs saved by
    single-use medical device reprocessing in 2014 (source)

  • Our mission

    We reduce medical waste by educating and connecting
    healthcare providers around the world.

    Education for sustainability and waste reduction


    Growing greener healthcare from the roots

    GMI transforms research and practical knowledge into presentations and guidelines for healthcare providers to implement every day. By raising awareness among health practitioners, we help hospitals save energy and materials - lowering costs and environmental impact!

    Recycling symbol for surplus medical supply collection

    Surplus supply collection

    One hospital's surplus is another's supply

    While GMI's goal is to help hospitals become zero-waste, we know that change doesn't happen overnight. When partner hospitals have surplus supplies that are still usable, GMI does the legwork to make sure they don't go to waste. We collect, sort, and donate to trustworthy organizations.

    Global health impact

    Global health

    Connecting with caregivers around the world

    GMI's mission is ultimately global. Our international work ranges from directly donating surplus supplies abroad to supporting other green medicine efforts around the world. With our global perspective, we make sure that changes at home go farther to make the world a greener place.

  • Our partnerships

    Meet the hospitals who work with GMI to make healthcare greener.

    MGH vascular center Dr. Michael Watkins

    MGH West | Vascular Center

    Waltham, MA

    GMI has partnered with the Fireman Vascular Center in Waltham to reduce waste and collect donations

    ranging from everyday supplies to X-ray viewers!

    Image source

    Brigham and Women's Hospital Emergency Medicine Department team

    BWH | Emergency Department

    Boston, MA

    Brigham and Women's Hospital Emergency Medicine Department team

    Harvard University Health Services 

    Cambridge, MA

    GMI has worked with HUHS to search for a new product distributor, keeping environmental sustainability and financial feasibility in mind!

    Image source

  • Our progress

    Here's what we've accomplished so far.

    Supplies donated

    Dec 2015 to date

    From syringes to patient gowns, electrodes, gloves, tourniquets, and catheter systems, we've recovered over 1800 items from our partner hospitals.

    Equipment donated

    Dec 2015 to date

    In addition to consumable supplies, GMI has recovered several blood pressure cuffs and 3 full-size x-ray viewers.

    Value saved

    Dec 2015 to date

    Putting our stats in perspective - we've hauled almost 200 pounds of supplies and equipment, and saved roughly $2000 worth of materials from ending up unused in storage rooms or landfills.

    Funds raised

    Mar 2016 to date

    In addition to working directly with hospitals and healthcare providers, GMI is now working with the Harvard community to support NGOs engaged in the practice of green medicine! Recently, we've supported the Afya Foundation by raising over $500 after two  College fundraising events.

  • Publications

    Read about some of our past work.

  • Our team

    Meet the people who work hard to bring GMI's vision closer to reality.

    Uzochi Nwoko


    Uzochi is a Junior concentrating in Integrative Biology with a secondary in African American Studies. Motivated by his strong interest in medicine, he is grateful to lead a team dedicated to improving sustainability in the sphere of health-care. In the future, Uzochi hopes to obtain a medical degree and continue to promote the eco-friendly methods for which GMI advocates - this time in his own practice! He furthermore enjoys playing sports and engaging with music.

    Eugene Oh

    Vice President

    Eugene is a Junior concentrating in Chemistry with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. He is passionate about helping those in need and working to improve all facets of healthcare systems. Eugene hopes to attend medical school and continue working on sustainability initiatives in hospitals. Outside of academics, he loves sports, watching Netflix, and all things Boston!

    Chris Hinojosa


    Chris is a Senior concentrating in Neuroscience with a secondary in Government. Having previously been the president of GMI, Chris is passionate about sustainability in medicine and helping underprivileged communities obtain the care they deserve. One day, he hopes to work in health policy in order to continue advocating for more sustainable practices in U.S. healthcare, with the hopes of making medical care more accessible for all. Aside from medicine, Chris’s interests include politics and all things movies!

    Joyce Zhou


    Joyce Zhou is an undergraduate student of the Harvard College Class of 2022. As an excited member of the Harvard Green Medicine Initiative team, she seeks to take impactful steps to promote sustainable healthcare practices through service, education, and advocacy in the greater Boston area and beyond. Through spearheading initiatives to engaging in sustained public service projects, she ultimately strives to make the global medical community more environmental and inclusive as a collaborative whole.

    Nina Cao


    Nina is a first-year student planning to concentrate in Physics and Mathematics with a secondary in History of Art and Architecture. In the future, she hopes to attend graduate school for theoretical physics and eventually become a professor. She strongly enjoys engaging in public service and working to promote environmental sustainability. She hopes to help make an impact through the Green Medicine Initiative, and raise awareness of the importance of the sustainable use of resources and green energy.

    Andrew Zhang


    Andrew is a first-year student with an interest in healthcare, regenerative biology, and neuroscience. He joined GMI in 2018 with the goal of helping local hospitals achieve long-term objectives in waste-reduction and sustainability. Beyond his pursuits in the life sciences, Andrew is also a woodworker and magician!

    Michael Xie


    Michael is a Freshman considering concentrating in History of Science, as well as pursing a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. He is interested in promoting sustainable practices in medicine and mitigating the healthcare industry's environmental impact. He hopes to attend medical school in the future, as well as help make medical care more accessible, eco-friendly, and equitable for all - eventually delving into public health or health policy. Outside of academics, Michael is interested in running, writing, and photography.

    Becca Amesbury


    Becca is a Sophomore concentrating in Chemistry with a secondary in Integrative Biology. She has a strong passion for the environment and sustainability, and hopes to attend medical school following graduation. Additionally, she aims to implement sustainable healthcare practices to her work in the future. Outside of class, she enjoys playing intramural sports, spending times with friends, and cooking.

    Olivia Morris


    Olivia is a Freshman planning to concentrate in Biomedical Engineering or Neuroscience, with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. She plans to attend medical school for neurology and work with advanced prosthetics. Additionally, Olivia has a strong passion for reform in the accessibility, affordability, and sustainability of healthcare. Outside of academics, she loves to write, read, play basketball and tennis, and relax with friends!

    Patrick Koenigs


    Patrick is passionate about sustainability in medicine and wants to speak up and speak out about the ways we can make the world a greener place. In the future, Patrick would like to make the medical world more inclusive and accessible by working as a lobbyist. Besides the Green Medicine Initiative, Patrick is also working with the Harvard College Democrats and the AIDS Action Committee. Outside of academics, Patrick loves cooking, skiing, and perusing Twitter!

    Leah Schwartz


    Leah came to GMI with a passion for global health equity and previous experience working with the Afya Foundation, a New York-based NGO that similarly aims to ethically redistribute medical supplies worldwide. She is grateful to have had the opportunity to engage with GMI since its nascence and is excited to support its continued growth. Ultimately, Leah hopes to pursue a career combining clinical practice and global health policy. Leah founded GMI along with Samantha Guhan in 2015.

  • Contact us

    If you're interested in working with us, we're interested in getting in touch!

    You can submit your message here, or reach us via email at greenmedinitiative@gmail.com.

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