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A sweet tooth for public service

Fundraising with #cookies4acause

Our inaugural fundraiser with Insomnia Cookies —

In addition to supporting healthcare providers in reducing medical waste and redistributing medical supplies, GMI supports fellow organizations engaged in global health and sustainability. By engaging the Harvard and Cambridge communities, we hope to raise awareness and create more opportunities for everyone to get involved in a good cause!

Insomnia Cookies partnered with GMI for our inaugural fundraiser on Tuesday, March 22, and donated 5% of the day's revenue to the Afya Foundation, an NGO that supports under-resourced healthcare providers around the world. Afya collects medical supply donations and flies them where they're needed; their most recent effort, Project Spora, aids refugees in Lesvos, Greece.

GMI took to social media to promote the event, cutting down on the use of paper flyers. In addition, we held a raffle for a $25 gift card to Insomnia cookies for all participants who bought cookies between 8:30 and 10:30pm.

Ultimately, the fundraiser ended on a sweet note, raising just shy of $100 on a non-peak night. GMI is excited to hold more fundraisers in the future, and looks forward to an Earth Day fundraising night in April!

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